Meet Gil the Travelling Gecko


Hi, my name is Gilgamesh…my parents named me after a great explorer and king from many years ago… but my friends call me Gil the Travelling Gecko!


I live in an airport and am always travelling to new and exciting places around the world. I simply hide in one of the suitcases that pass by my front door and a few hours later I arrive in a new country. How exciting is that?


Why don’t you join me on my adventures around the world and see through my eyes what they are like, who lives there, what they eat, how they talk and maybe even meet some new friends?






“To travel is to learn”
– Gil the Travelling Gecko


When you travel you learn about new languages, new places, new cultures, new foods, new music and new ways to look at things.


Best of all you get to meet new friends.



In the coming months I will be releasing several new books about my adventures as I visit different countries.

I will learn a few words of the language, try some of the local food and meet some new friends.

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Gil’s Unexpected Adventure

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Gil the Gecko

Gil the Travelling Gecko

Gil enjoys to learn new languages but sometimes he misunderstands some of the foreign words and ends up saying things he didn’t mean. These words sometimes get him in trouble, but mostly they make his friends and readers laugh.

Gil dashes headlong into every adventure with an open mind and a child-like curiosity which is not only appealing, it is fun for everyone.

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