Gil the Travelling Gecko – his full name is Gilgamesh – is a little gecko who loves to travel.

He lives in an airport and travels around the world exploring different countries. Gil learns about new cultures, foods and likes meeting new friends in a series of funny adventures.

He enjoys to learn new languages and always tries to learn a few words when visiting a new country.

However sometimes he misunderstands the foreign words and ends up saying things he didn’t mean.

You can read about some of his mistakes on this page called ‘false friends’ .



Travel Books for Children

About Gil the Travelling Gecko
Gil writes a new book for each adventure in a new country. Click on the picture to take a look at where he has been and where is going.


Gil has a plan to visit as many countries in the world as he can. Did you know that there are over 200 different countries and territories in the world? That is a lot of travelling Gil will have to do!

Maybe he will be visiting your country in the near future. Perhaps he has been while you were not looking and has already written a book about it!