Gil visits Paris

Gil visits Paris, the capital city of France and gets mistaken for roast beef. He sits on a gargoyle’s head and keeps a watchful eye out for a hunchback, before pretending to be Godzilla attacking the ‘Awful Tower’.

He also finds out that ‘Oui’ and ‘wee’ mean two very different things even though they sound the same.


Gil Visits Paris

Gil meets some of the locals in Paris who each him  some words and phrases in French.

He explores the city and visits the Arc de Triomphe, the Place de Concorde, the Louvre museum and goes inside a pyramid.

He also wonders why potatoes have so many names.

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Gil Visits Paris – A fun story and a useful guide

Gil also learns a few words and phrases of French. There is also a short quiz at the end of the book, to make sure that you were paying attention.

Gil has left some important translations which he thinks will help you, when you visit Paris.

Gil visits Paris, is a story and also a travel guide. Your children will learn a few things about the area and what there is to do here. It is an ideal introduction for your children if you are planning on taking a vacation to Paris.

Gil has included some important translations for grown ups, just in case there is an emergency and they need them.

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