Our Mission

To inspire children to read and ultimately to write.

To enable children to learn about different countries, culture and languages.

To educate children about key aspects of today’s modern world and the problems which need to be recognised, understood and conquered

To have some fun and create great memories along the way


Gils World adventure stories for children


Reading a book is a pleasure which many children do not understand.  Watching a movie may provide the story line plus some special effects, but reading the book makes the reader part of the story.

Our stories are created to introduce them to the first step of picking up a more grown up kind of book, because they want to, as against because they have to. Hopefully they will embrace Gil the Travelling Gecko’s humour in a manner which allows them to learn without realising.


Gils World adventure stories for children


The stories will be released with regional/national differences in order to avoid confusion over spelling and grammar. So the U.S version of a story will have humor whereas the British version will have humour.

As more children fall in love with books, hopefully many of them will be encouraged to become authors and write their own stories.

To enable this we have created our own company to oversee the publishing, Unus Mens Ltd.

Unus Mens means ‘One Mind’ in Latin.

To read more about Unus Mens click here.


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