Starting your child’s education early, is essential to raising the best child that you can. Kids learn best when they are doing, listening and trying. Playtime for example is crucial for the touch and feel aspects of learning. Likewise listening and talking are crucial in their own long term ways. Children’s brains are like sponges and they will soak up anything you wish to throw at them – not literally, actually yes literally, but not objects, just words.


Take for example languages. You can take a baby from one country and raise them in another. Their brains become hardwired to the sounds of what is local to them. You end up with a Chinese baby speaking like an Italian, an American or an Inuit.


This hard-wiring of the brain can be done continuously, from well before they are first learning to talk. Essentially, it can be sprayed at them in short blasts. Their brain will remember the sounds, tones and rhythms of these languages even though the child does not understand the language. However if and when they do decide to learn another language, these hard-wired memories will allow them to learn much more quickly and their accents will be far more natural.


Gils World adventure stories for children


In today’s global society being mono-lingual (just speaking one language) is the equivalent to having an old fashioned landline telephone.


Being bi-lingual upgrades you to a cell phone, which lets you receive and make calls, and even send text messages from wherever you are – good enough for most people, wouldn’t you agree?


But, by becoming tri-lingual or even a polyglot, you have a smartphone with all of the apps and unlimited bandwidth. You are able to communicate wherever you go.


Gils World adventure stories for children


Our series of books has been designed in such a way that parents, guardians and teachers can read to young children or older children can read themselves. New words, sounds and images will become impregnated into their brains for future use.


Our hero, Gilgamesh, is a gecko who lives in an airport and travels around the world exploring different countries. He learns about new cultures, foods and meeting new friends in a series of funny adventures. He loves to learn new languages and we get to experience this learning through his misunderstanding of foreign words.


These words are called ‘false cognates’. They sound the same or very similar to a word in one language, but mean something completely different in another. We utilise these to allow readers to learn by Gilgamesh’s mistakes in a light-hearted and hopefully memorable way.


Along with the introduction of new languages, we introduce new countries, its local foods, a little history, some culture and general information. This is aimed at opening the children’s minds to alternate considerations outside of their local upbringing.


Gils World adventure stories for children


The correct spelling

Gil stories will initially be aimed at the UK market will be spelt correctly for the UK market. Whereas the same story will be modified into American English to cater to the U.S & Canadian markets.


Education and languages are continuously morphing as new information, new technology and new words evolve. We believe that children should be taught what is currently accepted as being correct, as against what was accepted to be correct a 100 years ago.


Sprinkled with new languages, introductions to new food and cultures, plus a little history and geography Gil the Travelling/Traveling Gecko is a step in the right direction for your children’s educational requirements.


Should you feel that your children deserves to benefit from Gil’s adventures around the world, then we wholeheartedly welcome you to our growing library of adventures.


Gils World adventure stories for children


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