Philanthropy – Education in Developing Nations

Gils World Philanthropy in conjunction with Unus Mens will provide our published stories to a number of schools in Developing Nations. These countries will have English as the designated language or the primary business language. This will be done free of charge. We are aware that many of these schools have insufficient funding for text books let alone, story books for children. Every little bit helps!

We currently have a number of countries under consideration for this program. We will ultimately provide electronic copies of our stories, which can be printed out by the teachers. Our books will be made available to tens of thousands of schools around the world. Hopefully millions of children will benefit from them in the future.

Each of our children’s stories which are published to our paying audience, will be provided free of charge to schools. Pdf’s or online documents will be provided to schools in a selection of countries. These will be in countries where English is either the primary language or a strong secondary language.

Educators will be able to read the stories to the children and use the question/answer section at the back of each book to stimulate debate and understanding.


Philanthropy Gils World adventure stories for children


Over time, some of these readers will hopefully become authors themselves. There is absolutely no reason why some of these, currently underprivileged, children cannot become financially independent writers in the future.

For more information about future authors click here.


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