Bahamas Travel Guide For Kids

Bahamas Travel Guide For Kids

Flag of The Bahamas

The Bahamas is a chain of islands just off the coast of Florida. When you see photos of really blue water, deserted beaches and white sand the chances are they were taken on one of the 700 islands which make up the Bahamas.

The Bahamas are kind of split up into several groups:

Bimini, The Abacos Isands, The Exumas, Grand Bahama Island, Nassua and Paradise Island, Acklins and Crooked Island, San Salvador, Rum Cay, Andros, Eleuthera and Harbour Island, Inagua, Cat Island, Long Island, The Berry Islands ,Ragged Island and finally Mayaguana.

Although all of the islands have great beaches and blue waters, each has a slightly different feel. To find out which suits you best, visit them all!

One of the weirdest adventures you can have when visiting the Bahamas is to swim with pigs.
Pigs? Yes, pigs! They live on an island called Big Major Cay in an area of islands called The Exumas; and they have become a major attraction for tourists. Although these pigs are technically wild, they are very friendly and welcoming.

Away from Big Major Cay and in fact just about all over the Bahamas if you enjoy, swimming, beaches, fishing and sunshine you are going to find plenty to do. You can try parasailing, water-skiing, jet-skiing, wave-runners and all kinds of other water related sports to keep you busy.

Throughout the year, different islands have numerous cultural events and carnivals, which you can visit. Some are music and dance based, others historical or cultural. Check them out before you leave home to make sure you are on the right island on the right day.

The Atlantis Paradise Island Resort is famous in the Caribbean as being a luxury hotel resort with some pretty exciting activities for guests. Luckily if you are not staying there, you can visit as a day guest. So what’s all the fuss about?

What about the 141 acre AquaVenture to begin with? This huge aquatic park features incredible Atlantean-themed towers, high-speed water slides, a mile-long river ride complete with thrilling  rolling rapids and wave surges. There are different swimming areas, a spectacular kids water-play fort and 11 unique and refreshing swimming pools. The entire Aquaventure adventure is set in a lush, tropical environment which is both immersive and interconnected, and perfect for all the family.

Atlantis Adventures takes you deep into the underwater miracles of the ocean and offers personal experiences from over 100 marine biologists based at the resort. Learn how scientists and the Atlantis Blue Project Foundation (ABPF) are working to conserve the world’s coral reefs.

What about walking with sharks for an experience? Located at the Mayan Temple Slides, you can put on a glass helmet and quite literally walk on the bottom of the Shark exhibit and meet the monsters which guard the lost world of Atlantis. If you can’t swim, don’t worry because you don’t need to this time as, no swimming experience is necessary.

If you prefer something less frightening, where you can keep your head above the water why not try out the Atantis Stingray Experience. You can watch Cownose stingrays feeding around your feet along with other colorful fish. Once the feeding is finished you will have the opportunity to snorkel with the stingrays.


And while we are discussing snorkeling, how about the chance to snorkel  through the Ruins of Atlantis? This is a 60 minute adventure which includes 30 minutes snorkeling around the ruins, whilst sharks, spotted rays and tropical fish keep you company. If there are any of your family who do not want to swim with the sharks, they can watch out for you down in The Dig. This is series of glass tunnels underneath the ruins which allows non-swimmers to watch the action from below whilst keeping dry and safe. While they wait for you to appear they can look at the lion fish, jellyfish, clown fish, lobster, piranha and moray eel exhibits.


Finally if you feel the urge to see dolphins, then you have come to no better place. Dolphin Cay is a natural exhibit of dolphins which were rescued from Hurricane Katrina several years ago. This is a huge area where you can watch wild dolphins enjoy their own habitat.


Quick Facts:

Population: 399,501 (2018)

Languages Spoken: English (official), Creole

Currency: Bahamian Dollar

Capital City: Nassau