Panama Travel Guide For Kids

Panama Travel Guide For Kids

Flag of PanamaPanama is a narrow country which connects South America to Central and North America. Obviously the most famous thing about Panama is the Panama Canal which connect the Caribbean and the Pacific, but there is lots more to discover in this little country.

Did you know that the Guna Yala (it used to be called San Blas) is a special area of Panama where the traditional indian tribes still control everything. It might be part of Panama but it is also very different. The Guna Yala own some of the most beautiful untouched islands in the Caribbean and you can visit for a day or even stay a few nights in traditional indian huts.

Panama has a lots of cool things to explore including jungles, islands, volcanoes, waterfalls and lots of wonderful creatures and animals. If you like nature then you are going to love Panama.

Panama is made up of 8 regions:

Panama City
The Panama Canal and Colón Province
Central Panama and the Península de Azuero
Veraguas Province
Chiriquí Province
Bocas del Toro
Guna Yala
Darién and eastern Panama


Quick Facts:

Population: 4,165,954 (2018)

Languages Spoken: Spanish (official),  English

Currency: Panamanian Balboa

Capital City: Panama City