Panama City Travel Guide

What to do in Panama City, Panama

Panama City in Panama often gets confused with Panama City in Florida. The difference is huge.

Panama City is home to the famous Panama Canal which connects the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea to the Pacific Ocean. The thought of looking at some big boats and ships in a canal maybe not seem to be very interesting, but when you are within arm’s reach of some of these ships, you will begin to realize just how big they really are.


Why is the Canal so important?

Simply because huge amounts of what you eat, sit on, sleep on, use on a daily basis and unwrap at Christmas will have come through this stretch of water. Without this canal and another one in Egypt called the Suez Canal the cost of nearly everything would go up in price.


Panama City is built around an area called the Casco Viejo, which is the old part of the city and where the original city was constructed. It has been raided by pirates several times, most famously by Captain Morgan. In 2019 will be 500 years old.

The Casco Viejo is a great place to visit and see all of the old buildings which still remain. From the waterfront you can see the new city of Panama, with all of its towering glass skyscrapers. This is a complete contrast of very old and very new.


The Amador Causeway, which is a stretch of road which connects a series of islands to the mainland is just a short drive away. Here you will be able visit the Biomuseo, which is a kind science museum and gallery where you can discover how Panama has altered the natural world.


There are many different opportunities to visit sloth sanctuaries, jaguar sanctuaries, coffee farms, camping, zip-lines, diving trips and lots more exciting things.

You can try a cable car, go whale watching, see turtles, sail with dolphins, go river rafting and kayaking; all within a short drive from Panama City.

If you have more time and are feeling more adventurous you can climb a volcano or visit the cloud forests and jungles.

There is a lot to see in this small country and if you have a few weeks available, you can do some real exploring.