United Kingdom Travel Guide For Kids

United Kingdom Travel Guide For Kids

Flag of United KingdomThe United Kingdom is a country that includes England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland even though when it comes to sports, all are different countries. Maybe it is easier to think of the United Kingdom as a country of countries!

The U.K as it is often called is an island nation located off the western coast of Europe. It has a unique history and one which affected the entire world due to it’s explorers, pirates, royal families and many, many wars and battles.


Flag of England





Northern Ireland travel guide for kids N. Ireland flaga

Northern Ireland



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Some times people get confused between the names United Kingdom and Great Britain but they are not the same thing and there are also some other names as well just to confuse you a little more.

Britain = England and Wales

Great Britain = Britain + Scotland

United Kingdom = Great Britain + Northern Ireland (northern Ireland is the northern section of a different island called Ireland. The southern section of Ireland is called the Republic of Ireland and is independent from the United Kingdom). Kind of confusing isn’t it?

British Isles = United Kingdom + The Republic of Ireland (Eire)  and other smaller islands which surround the United Kingdom.


Quick Facts:

Population: 66,595,904 (2018)

Languages Spoken: English (official)

Currency: (British) Pound Sterling

Capital City: London